Wednesday, December 30, 2015

North Pole ice melts at winter solstice

The temperature at the North Pole is reported to have risen above freezing today, right at winter solstice and 24-hour nights, due to an unusually potent low pressure storm energized by El Nino, further threatening ice caps, while there were blizzards behind the storm in West Texas.  The Gizmodo story is here.

The Atlantic wrote about the storm three days ago as unfreezing the North Pole and possibly accelerating sea level rise.    The Washington Post covers it also saying that the temperature at the North Pole is 50 degrees F above normal.

And according to NASA, the worst is yet to come from El Nino in early 2016, NBC here.

Update: Jan. 1

It's about 14 degrees F at the North Pole.  That's 30 degrees F too warm. Source, University of Washington.  How will the polar cap get built up this winter?

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