Thursday, December 24, 2015

Obama administration, under pressure from GOP candidates, will deport more "illegal" families from Central America, and strengthen the arbitrary "intentional grounding" lists

Jerry Markon and David Nakamura report on the front page of the Washington Post on Christmas Eve, “U.S. plans raids to deport families who surged across border”   Many of these are whole families who came from the most violent parts of Central America, including El Salvador.  A local church here in Arlington VA has sent volunteers to that country in the past.

This recalls to mind the Mariel Boatlift from Cuba in 1980.  I don’t know if this was “illegal” but I would presume so.  Yet there were calls for people to sponsor and even house refugees in “spare bedrooms”, especially in southern states (and especially in the gay community).  Would a parallel exist today?  Could churches sponsor individual families here illegally?  It doesn’t sound like it would be lawful, but the question deserves to be asked.

Let’s also look at Bruce Lawlor’s commentary in the Washington Times Dec. 23, “The loose use of government lists”   (Call it "Loose Lips".)  The writers describes how the whim or subjective opinion of a bureaucrat can place anyone on a no-fly list (even with a wrong name), without due process, and how it can be impossible to get off.  Jobs and livelihoods are lost to chance this way. (Note the video, “Grounded for Life!”) The president wants to extend the use of the list for gun ownership, without considering the lack of due process (and the effective loss of property ).  What next?  Maybe Internet access?

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