Friday, January 29, 2016

Sanders caters to the "get something for nothing" crowd, which could prove catastrophic for health care

The Washington Post has a constructive editorial about the views and proposals of Democratic presidential candidate Berne Sanders: “They’re too facile.”
I am concerned about the possibility that the 2016 presidential election could wind up as a contest between two extremes (Sanders v. Cruz or Trump) and not candidates who are more practical.  Yes, Hillary could still get in trouble over the email server scandal (there are incidents in my own background that provide some parallel).  But, more, Sanders’s support is quite substantial, possibly enough for the nomination, and it seems driven by a “get something for nothing” mentality. No doubt, gerrymandering has contributed to this situation.

Sanders is making a lot of proposals with no specifics as to how to pay for them (other than soaking Wall Street), and with no deference to the moral considerations underneath, which can become quite personal.

Single payer, Canadian style, sounds nice, but it can have unintended consequences that liberals have barely considered.  I think back to January 1998, when I was able to get a 99%-successful hip operation for a serious acetabular fracture (after a convenience store wet floor fall) within 72 hours of the accident (in Minneapolis).  Under a single payer system, I might have lay in traction a long time.  I got back to work quickly and full activity and had one of the best years of my life.  But I had a progressive employer, ReliaStar (now Voya and ING) which had the connections, through private insurance, to get this problem world class treatment immediately, from an internationally renowned orthopedic surgeon (at the University of Minnesota) ready with the latest technology.  Not everyone is so lucky.

Update: January 30

Former (GOP) US Attorney Michael Mukasey argues that a criminal charge against Hillary is n order in the Wall Street Journal. But Max Fisher on Vox says, not so fast

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