Friday, January 01, 2016

The country is simply schizophrenic on the issue of gun ownership; what about due process?

Texas is “getting friendly” (pun, from my own past, 1961) with its new open carry law (although the last time I was in Dallas, every bar had a sign saying that Texas law prohibited guns where alcohol is served). Seattle passes a “gun violence” tax.  And the New York Times opines on the paradox today, “Two ways of dealing with guns”.

It’s been a long time when, at a Libertarian Party of Virginia convention in Richmond (around 1995), the big topic was “guns”.  Or when a LP Senatorial candidate (in my personal stead, and that is some history) from Minnesota was evicted from Mystic Lake (SW if Minneapolis) in 2000 for bragging he was carrying a weapon, at a LPMN convention.

And a significant part of our population (building on the “doomsday preppers”) believes that self-defense is a moral requirement to be expected from every competent adult.

Jim Acosta and Kevin Liptak on CNN write that President Obama will issue an Executive Order mandating further background checks on gun sales next week.  CNN also says that Obama is likely to push for extended downstream liabilities for gun sellers.

A serious question is whether the TSA no-fly list (with its total lack of due process) will be applied. Would it be constitutional to do so?

Update: Jan 3, 2016

There is a "National Gun Show" near Dulles Airport in northern Virginia the first weekend of 2016, and a CBS station in the DC area writes "Fear packs Chantilly's gun show, say gun dealers".
Also, Jeffrey Toobin has noted that Obama's Executive Order will most likely expand the definition of who is considered to be in the business of gun sales and who therefore must do the background checks on purchasers.

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