Sunday, January 31, 2016

Variable pricing for electricity is lawful, and could lead to lower energy prices

Chris Mooney writes in the Washington Post Sunday, January 31, 2016, “From the high court, a primer on ‘demand response’”, p. G4, business. “In a decision hailed by environmentalists, Justice Kagan succinctly lays out the process that someday could mean big savings on electricity for all of us.”  The Supreme Court opinion (from Jan. 25) is here.

The practice at issue was an electric utility’s rewarding a consumer’s lower use during peak periods with refunds  This can mean that not all consumers pay the same rate, and more nimble consumers get power more cheaply.  It would also seem to pave the way for consumers with solar panels to sell power pack.

In fact, my own electric bill is averaged over the year.  I don’t have the practical hands-on versatility to put in solar in a home that could become a teardown someday, but then, why did I put in the generator?

The story doesn’t really take up the problem of security for the grids Nov. 7).

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