Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Ben Carson gets close to a Fundamental Theorem of Morality (oh, that's Calculus); Cruz gets a "cease-and-desist" from Trump

Jeff Stein has a short commentary on Vox about a comment by Ben Carson on the social safety net. “Carson on the good old days: ‘Someone got killed by a bear, everyone took care of their family’”.  I guess Carson hasn't seen DiCaprio's film "The Revenant".

That is to say, the only way to deal with inequality (and resulting social and security-related instability) and have freedom is if everyone pitches in and “gives back” as necessary, not always as a direct result of their own personal choices.

Of course, an idea like this play out in different ways, with a lot of different angles, when considering “family values” (including marriage equality), military policy, eldercare, the changes in acceptable “sales culture”, and even the distribution of speech (and how public voice correlates to responsibility for others).   With any particular issue, it’s pretty easy to get lost among the trees.
It's also important that the "localization" of the safety net can make it easier for politicians to leave in place large differences in (unearned) wealth among different classes of people, and allow racism to stay in place, with just the appearance of a false sustainability.

In the meantime, Ted Cruz has been showing off the cease-and-desist letter he got today from Donald Trump, for “libel”, for misrepresenting Trump as pro-choice. “Truth is an absolute defense to libel”.  New York Times and Reuters coverage and video here

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