Friday, March 25, 2016

Flint and environmental racism

The New York Times has a stinging editorial Friday, “The Racism at the heart of Flint’s crisis”. There is a lot of commentary about the apparent insularity of Gov. Rick Snyder and of many in the legislature, because of who the consumers were. Yes, “black lives matter”.

The lead problem comes from two processes: one is the lead in the old pipes themselves, which should be replaced;  the other is the corrosive water from the river.  It’s supposed to be acceptable to continue using lead pipers with non-corrosive water, but one would wonder.

The problem is existential:  children who grow up with heavy metal poisoning may have lower IQ’s and learning problems, and then be “blamed” for their own behavioral issues in school and later as adults.

There’s even a potential issue when people sell old homes to young families, where children could bv exposed to unnoticed lead or asbestos.

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