Thursday, March 17, 2016

Major League Baseball and family values for players (at least the White Sox)

So, Major League Baseball has a scuffle with family values.

Adam LaRoche, home run hitter now with the Chicago White Sox, retires when told by Chisox Executive Vice President Kenny Williams not to bring his son, now 14, to the locker room every home game.

USA Today supports the team here
I don’t think this was an issue when La Roche played with the Washington Nationals, through 2014. I suspect the Nats would be glad to have him back, if there’s a “room”.

LaRoche was reported to take meds for ADD, but had always insisted that setting an example for his son was the highest priority for him. Some commentators say that other players have to be on their “best behavior” even in a fraternal space like the locker rooms, with kids around.

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