Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Ryan apologizes for "Makers vs. Takers"; Trump and Cruz fight on Twitter; Trump faces "extra innings" in Cleveland's "Progressive Field"

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) has reportedly apologized for past comments grouping the poor, especially minorities, with “takers”, referring to past conservative comments that welfare culture encourages the poor to have babies outside of marriage.

“Makers and Takers” is the name of a 1998 book by Minnesota libertarian author Edmund Contoski. The terminology has been associated with Ayn Rand, who used the term “second handers” in her novel “The Fountainhead”.

In the meantime, Donald Trump’s campaign seems to have sunk to a new low, with his Twitter exchange with “Lyin’ Ted” shown on CNN here.

Cruz’s overwhelming victory in Utah, capturing all the delegates, seems to keep alive the significant chance of a brokered convention in Cleveland.  But Trump captured Arizona.  CNN’s latest take is here. Trump could go to the convention with a strong plurality, close to the number he needs but still not enough to win outright on the first ballot. This is a case where an “extra inning ball game” really favors the home team because of batting last. In Cleveland, thankfully, "The Mistake By the Lake" (which I visited repeatedly during the summer in the 1950s)  has been torn down and replaced by a "Progressive Field".

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