Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Strip mining is within easy sight of towns in western Maryland

On  a little “field trip” today, I found that strip mining is still “alive and not so well” in Maryland.  On highway 36, south of Frostburg (on top of the Allegheny Ridge behind Cumberland) there is a huge strip mine scar visible to the south.  When you drive south over I-68, you drive past what looks like an active mine.

There is one spot where there seems to be a “black hole” pit about 200 feet deep below the highway, immediately W of 36, with no place to stop and photo it without trespassing.

As you drive down toward Barton, Luke and Westernport, you see some more strip mine scars on the ridges.   There's a stream through Barton. I am reminded of Luke Andraka's winning science fair project on acid drainage from mines.
Also, east of Cumberland, off I-68, to the immediate south, near Martins Mountain and the town of Flintstone (with its “Stone Age Café”) there is a large quarry which looks like a typical strip mine.

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