Friday, March 11, 2016

Ted Cruz is GOP's best chance to win in November (by far); protests cause Trump to cancel rally in Chicago (breaking story)

OK, there’s a breaking event right now. Donald Trump had to cancel his rally in Chicago tonight over security concerns after unruly behavior by many gathering to rally at the University of Illinois. CNN has a developing story.  There will be a lot of arrests and some serious felony prosecutions (just look at some of the other stories).  All major media outlets are covering this live now.

The very latest, as of 8:45 PM EST, was that most of the crowd had calmed down, even as it was spilling into the streets.

It’s pretty obvious that activists can try to stop any Trump event this way.  Commentators are comparing to George Wallace.

Lindy West has an interesting perspective in the New York Times, “What Trump supporters are ‘afraid’ to say” and that is probably what Trump won’t say directly.  She may be right as far as she goes.  

I agree that a lot of things in US history are not “great” (including what happened to me in 1961), but many things are – how we ended the Cold War, how we developed the Internet.  Some things are mixed – how we responded to 9/11.  For example, Trump was right in what he said about New York after 9/11.  He is right about the hatred from some parts of the world. He may be right about the way you do deals with the currency and trade issues with China and other authoritarian countries. He seems right in his assessment of the war in Iraq. 
I don’t think Trump can beat Hillary Clinton in a general election, maybe close to zero chance. Ted Cruz is the GOP’s "last best chance."  And it’s encouraging that Cruz’s latest comments have taken a more libertarian stance and stayed away from Santorum-like social issues.
Trump just told CNN, "Our freedom of speech was violated totally." 

What would happen if a journalist ran for president?  Imagine Chris Cuomo in a debate -- as a candidate rather than moderator.  

Update: March 12

OK, a rally in Cleveland (which has a "Public Square", but so does Singapore) went OK for Trump, and there is another one in KCMO tonight.  Someone has already said I am wrong, that Hillary can lose to Sanders, and Trump can beat either one.  Here's an "opposing view" on the Chicago protests sent to me on Facebook by a friend overseas, on YouTube. 

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