Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Trump makes provocative speculations about Cleveland this summer; the GOP is hamstrung by Garland's nomination to SCOTUS

This is scary.  Today, Donald Trump warned that there could be unrest (to say the least) in Cleveland if he doesn’t get the nomination, because of a brokered or manipulated convention, July 18-21, as in this. ThinkProgress story (typical)  Trump can reasonably claim that any other outcome disagrees with the wishes of the votes (most of all on immigration and trade).

But some of these voters were crossovers in some states.  Cruz tends to do better in states that don’t have open primaries.

And recently Trump was ordering attendees at rallies to sign pledges to vote for him.

Although his policies on some issues like trade and health care, even social security, may move more to the Left than normal for the GOP, his authoritarian strategy, possibly ignoring law and order, is more worrisome than ever.

This may not be good for user-generated content on the web, because of the kind of arguments Trump could make against it (nor paying its own freight, for the people who write it, while opening up to cyberbullying and terrorist recruiting, among other things).

Update: March 17

NBC News has an article by Chuck Todd and others about the "Sophie's Choice" faced by the GOP now, both in handling the convention in Cleveland, and in dealing with the nomination by Obama of Merrick Garland for the Supreme Court -- who was tough enough as a prosecutor. NBC thinks Trump is not "kidding" on the "riots" -- an alarming statement from a major news network (which I worked for in the 1970s, and would do so again today).  .

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