Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Hillary Clinton won't face criminal charges over email server, but Comey scolds her, slaps her hands publicly

The  FBI director James Comey excoriated Hillary Clinton for her behavior in settinp up an email server at home, but did not recommend criminal charges today, as CNN reports here.

Comey called her “extremely careless”. But there was no clearly willful mishandling of classified information.

I am reminded of a controversy when I was working.  I often took printouts of work home with production data to refer to incase anything came to mind about a system that had been moved to production.  I also supported production, and had access to production data sometimes, from laptops or desktops (with Procomm connections) that I owned.  That was partly because of the way “conflict of interest” was viewed in the 1990s.  This bears a curious parallel to Hillary Clinton’s case.  I'll look into all of this further again on my new Wordpress blogs.
It does seem likely that this will become a “non issue” in the presidential campaign after the conventions.

Think Progress has a good explanation of the legal reasons Hillary faces no charges here.  The devil is in the details -- and overclassification is a real problem. 

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