Thursday, August 11, 2016

DC Metro has more setbacks, as SafeTrack falls short of fixing what FTA calls critical safety problems; more shutdowns possible

Washington DC’s Metro have have to keep its SafeTrack going even longer, as the FTA has issued another critical report after the derailment on July 29 in a section at East Falls Church where trains change tracks.

The possibility that some single tracking could lead to closures, and weekend closers could last longer, and eventual restoration of late night service seems even more unlikely. The Post story is here.

The FTA has made more demands of Metro, as in this August 8 Metro directive.

It does seem that, from what I can tell, Uber is working pretty well, and especially if you share rides, it’s usually cheaper than taxis, using than driving and paying to park, and may be getting in the ballpark of several Metro rides in the same day.  But I don’t know how much this helps employees of bars and restaurants.

In the meantime, Metro management has shown little interest in replacing the lost Metro service with busses, maybe because of reports that private transit is working (libertarian solutions).  But Washington DC’s political climate makes it hostile to the idea of world-class entertainment 24x7.

 High rollers who want this go to New York, LA, San Francisco, Las Vegas, etc.  At least that’s the attitude.

In New York City, riders face an 18-month shutdown of the 14th St L train (which used to have some of the oldest cars), the Canarsie line, in 2019, for repairs from Hurricane Sandy, link. This could affect riders who live in some areas of Brooklyn and Queens.  It won’t affect the Mets, who are on the #7 line.

Update: Aug. 14:

More Pix:

And a globe over the Mount Vernon station at the Convention Center.

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