Saturday, September 17, 2016

Oil pipeline rupture in Alabama could spread gas shortages suddenly to the East Coast, already in southeast

A retrospect of the 1970s gas lines could develop shortly, especially in some southeastern states, because a major pipeline in Shelby County AL has failed.   It cannot be repaired until next week.  The owner is Colonial Pipeline.

CNN has a story here. .  It’s a disturbing story, too, in view of the Midwestern pipeline protests and fracking problems.

It's domestic, however, and not caused by geopolitical or religious tensions like in the 70s with the Arab oil embargo of Oct. 1973, which I remember well. 
The leak occurred on Sept. 9, but it did not get reported by the media much until yesterday, Sept. 15.  Washington DC media stations (like News Channel 8) don’t seem to be noticing the problem much yet, but shortages could reach as far as New Jersey.  However, locations from Virginia farther north have more alternate supply routes.

But according to ABC News, some gasoline shortages have already occurred, rather suddenly, as far north as Virginia.

Prices are rising more sharply in Georgia and Alabama.  They haven’t increased that much in the DC area yet.

It would be disturbing to wonder if gasoline supply disruptions could affect ride-sharing services like Uber.


Repairs were completed around Sept. 21 and the pipeline resumed operating. 

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