Monday, October 24, 2016

Should you make a protest vote in the general election? Immigrants protected by DACA are asked to go door-to-door

I’ll start out by pointing out a recent guest post on Rick Sincere’s blog (from a former chair of the LPVa) by Will Hammer, to “vote against both evils” – and vote for Gary Johnson and the Libertarian ticket.  I think it would have been better to put Weld at the top.

And the GOP would probably have won with a reasonable candidate – John Kasich, maybe moderate Larry Hogan, governor of Maryland, had he wanted to run – as he has certainly learned the humility of needing health care the hard way.

But moderation is not what many voters want.  Indeed, they seek expropriation, or revolution, or return to a world that is meaningful for them, even if they have to blow up everything else.
But does voting for Johnson really make it more likely Trump wins?  Maybe.

This matters even today, as early voting is quite heavy already in Florida,

I noticed a story in the Washington Post Metro section today, by Antonio Olivo, “Immigrant activists canvass for Clinton.”   Online the title is more graphic “They crossed the border illegally and can’t vote. But they can knock on doors.”  Now, I won’t answer door-to-door activity of any kind anymore, because if a home invasion ever happened, my life and existence are over.  I can’t take the risk. So I become insular.  The article does discuss DACA, Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival’s Program.  The article also discusses SCOTUS’s allowing an injunction against an expanded version of DACA go forward. But the article also quotes an activist (Luis Angel Aguillar) “All DACA recipients should take this on as an added responsibility to change the power structure. But if someone knocks in violation of a “no soliciting” sign the person is technically committing a trespassing violation, at least a misdemeanor.   I know, this sounds like Trumpland talk, and I go get where Trump is coming from on this matter.  Remember the “Russian roulette” scene from “The Deer Hunter”, the movie’s “middle section”?

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