Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Can Trump clamp down on "sanctuary cities" and "trust" states? In practice, probably not; listen to law enforcement

So-called “sanctuary cities”, who could lose federal funding from a Trump administration for not cooperating in rounding up adult children brought here as kids by undocumented workers, are standing firm, and these include Washington DC, as in this story by Antonio Olivo and Peter Jamisom, Metro section.

Most major coastal cities would be affected.  Police departments say that sanctuary is a valuable tool in investigations, in questioning people who may know something about real criminal or terror plots, and that an aggressive deportation policy would actually undermine national security.

California and Connecticut have narrow “sanctuary” or “trust” laws as explained in the video.  They won’t hold people longer for possible immigration violations. There is a question as to whether the federal government can compel states to spend their own money to enforce federal laws.

So, whatever Trump’s ideological promise to woo gullible crowds, it isn’t practical.
As far as housing asylum seekers, an asylee has the legal right to be here once he or she has the paperwork showing submission of an application for asylum.  So, as I understand it, a host is not providing “sanctuary” or abetting an immigration violation.

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