Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Damage to Gatlinburg like that of a California fire

It's rather shocking to see a major resort town in the Southeast burning (cont. post Nov. 15), as reported now in USA Today, .

I drove through Gatlinburg, TN in July 2013 at night, and on to Pigeon Forge, on the way to Oak Ridge.  I had come down off US 441.

Mass evacuations into shelters, including a hotel, and of over 100 homes apparently were necessary.  A good question will be what kind of insurance people have.  How will they be sheltered in the mean time?  Will they be able to stay in the area during rebuilding.

Thunderstorms on Nov. 30 may finally end most of the fires.

Update: Dec. 2

Gatlinburg was "built to burn".  Droughts in the Southeast, especially in the later fall or winter, happen every 15-20 years (even before climate change).  People who choose to live in an urban-rural interface with few roads need to become "doomsday preppers", link.  Do they have insurance?  Shold the rest of us bail out people who choose to live there?  Well, we want them there when we go on vacation, don't we?  Somebody has to do it.

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