Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Should electors be allowed to vote their consciences this year (whether or not Trump wins)?

Richard Sincere, formerly head of Gays and Lesbians for Individual Liberty in the 1990s and active with the Libertarian Party of Virginia, has written recently about the possibility that electors could vote their consciences on Dec. 9.
This might become an issue if Donald Trump had an electoral majority, or if no one had one.

Sincere comments on his own Richmond Times Dispatch in an op-ed in Bearing Drift here. The original column is here.

State laws, including Virginia’s, often bind electors to the ballots, but a little known violation in 1972 by Virginia Roger MacBride relates to the early history of the Libertarian Party.

Above is a one-hour video by “Election Justice USA”. Let Michael Moore watch it.
Rick’s commentary also appears on Blogger here. (It works in https;  I tried it with SSL.)

Picture: Broad Street in Richmond after a September 2015 bicycle racing tournament.

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