Thursday, December 08, 2016

In DC, people wait in line overnight just for an affordable housing appointment

Like the warehouse-arts-colony fire in Oakland, CA, and the recent apartment fire (August) in Silver Spring, MS, this story on WJLA demonstrates the problem with affordable housing in the Washington DC area.  People waited in line over 20 hours overnight just to have an opportunity to apply for appointments (maximum of 200) to apply for housing.

It does make me ponder something related, hosting and housing for asylum seekers, which doesn’t seem to be very well developed with any kind of system.  The morality of the issue is complicated by the fact that the persons, here legally after applying for asylum, often aren’t allowed to work or get benefits.  So the Trump crowd says, take care of your own first.  But it doesn’t look like we do that, either.  I’m not aware of any organized pressure to say people should  personally house the homeless, presumably because of the risks involved.

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