Friday, December 30, 2016

More research suggests that the source of our calories does matter: to much sugar leads to Type 2 diabetes even in normal-weight people

The Huffington Post has come out with a new position on diet and heart attacks in a column by Mark Hyman, “Eggs don’t cause heart attacks – sugar does”, link   Oops, I see this article goes back to February 2014.  But it’s gotten a lot of attention on Facebook recently, even (or especially) in the doomsday prepper community.
It’s a lot easier to believe that all calories are the same.  Yet some people seem to do well on the Atkins diet.  And there is a lot of literature around saying that not only refined sugar, but lots of additives in processed foods contribute to obesity, Type 2 diabetes, and blood vessel inflammation leading to heart disease.  All of these things help create the coronary artery disease (starting with inflammation) that led to the cardiac arrest of Carrie Fisher and her mother’s stroke.  
You can also peruse this article from November 2016 in FEE by Annie Holmquist, “Why kids should learn to cook Thanksgiving Dinner”. 

Here’s a short film from Journeyman Pictures, “How Sugary Foods Are Making Us Fat”., from Australia, narrated by Mary Anne Demasi.  

A professor explains how fructose, in particular, encourages internal fat to build up and causes the body to need more insulin, gradually leading to type 2 diabetes (and insulin resistance).  Even slender people can be “skinny fat” and some nominally overweight people can have healthy metabolisms.  

The food industry, back in the 80s, promoted sugar as a food additive to make low fat diets taste better (when nutritionists say you use herbs and spices to do this healthfully).  The American Heart Association went along with the food industry for some years, unfortunately.

Now the CDC reports, as we know, that life expectancy in the US is decreasing slightly, and diet is one reason. 

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