Friday, December 23, 2016

Washington Post claims Sinclair Broadcasting, a major owner of TV stations, helped Trump; but Sinclair is strong on reporting on security, infrastructure, sustainability issues, including power grid

Paul Fahri, of the Washington Post style section, has an article tonight, “How the nation’s largest owner of TV stations helped Donald Trump’s campaign, link here.

He’s referring to Sinclair Broadcasting in Hunt Valley near Baltimore, MD.  A fair conservative media outlet in a Blue location. I wrote a comment to this article as follows:

“Sinclair has provided a few news stories on possible threats to the electric power grid, from solar storms, cyberterror and EMP. Sinclair affiliate WJLA has run one of them and mentioned a special town hall but did not run it on Aug 1 (It was broadcast from a Fox or Sinclair station in Green Bay, WI and I was able to watch it by streaming). This subject has generally been associated with the "Right", but only Ted Cruz mentioned (one time to Wolf Blitzer) among major presidential candidates. I carried links to the Sinclair stories on one of my own blogs and soon found Trump advertising on my site (Clinton never did). Peter Thiel, from Silicon Valley, and in Trump's court, has sponsored the work of young inventor Taylor Wilson in Nevada, which would mean decentralizing the grid with many more small stations. In fact, I think these ideas need to be taken seriously. The United States needs to make its infrastructure more secure (from both terror and natural threats) and this would logically mean manufacturing more components at home (like transformers) and depending less on imports for critical infrastructure parts. That would, of course, add many jobs, but not for the same people displaced by globalism. Make the grid more secure is also easier with renewable energy sources, or at least with lower cost and simpler sources (natural gas is easier than coal). So if Trump wants to "make America great again" and add domestic high paying jobs, this is definitely a place to look. But it doesn't help people displaced from old industry jobs (who voted for him). Again, power grid security sounds like a "right wing topic" of the doomsday preppers, but it needs to be brought into the mainstream and not be perceived as politicized. Sinclair deserves credit for running stories on this topic, but other major media sources (other than Fox) have tended to play it down. WJLA (the owner station) have soft-pedaled it.
(Continued) “By the way, Sinclair has also reported that some US utilities were infected with malware in 2012 that has not been removed. If Sinclair has been favorable to Trump, so be it -- but Trump ought to take what Sinclair has reported and seek out expert, professional science on this problem - and I fear some of his choices for appointments aren't very objective on problems like this.”

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