Friday, January 20, 2017

Donald Trump gives speech ordering us to "buy and hire American" and refers to crime as "American Carnage"

Donald John Trump is now the 45th President of the United States.

Aaron Blake of the Washington Post annotates Donald Trump’s inauguration speech.  It started out by talking about returning power "to the people."

Trump referred to “This American Carnage”  (is it really “This American Life”? by Ira Glass.  “Carnage” is also a notorious Roman Polanski film. Both the Post and New York Times are referring to "American Carnage" in their headlines. This refers to gang violence, drugs, and street crime (not to mention poverty).

Trump minced no words about the importance of Americans buying American and hiring American.  He implied that individual Americans have a moral obligation to take that into consideration with their personal consumption and other activity.  No only is there an implication of paying more to use domestic labor (as opposed to “slave” dorm labor overseas), but there is an implication that those who can should try harder to create actual jobs for others rather than just become more efficient on their own.

The president, however, did mention “infrastructure”, with a hint that he understands the existential implications (like power grid vulnerability).  His statement about medical science progress and exploring space suggests much more respect for science than some of his previous behavior.  He may be pondering the idea that new diagnostic tests (such as Jack Andraka’s simple pancreatic cancer test, once if gets approved for use in some form) could expand the need to cover pre-existing conditions in “replacing” Obamacare with a more straightforward system.  (Yes, Obamacare is way too complicated.)  He may be realizing that his courting vaccine deniers is ill-advised (we could need to mass-vaccinate people to prevent future pandemics, even connected to terror) and he may be closer to taking climate change more seriously, especially given the most recent stories about having the warmest year on record.

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