Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Washington Post columnist says use 25th Amendment process to remove Trump from office

I was not aware of this, but the Twenty-Fifth Amendment could be used to remove a president from office (that is, Donald Trump), if enough members of his Cabinet and the vice-president certify that he is unfit to lead.  This does sound like it could invite a Turkey-style coup attempt.

The text of the amendment is here.
Richard Cohen, of the Washington Post, minces no words in this op-ed, “How to remove Trump from office”, as he calls Reince Priebus a “moral eunuch”, as if out of Pleasantville.  Pretty soon we will see op-ed columnists looking for missing chest hair.  But that’s why men wear nectkies in business (or used to).  .

My own DADT-1 book had proposed Amendments 28 and 29 in Chapter 6 (in 1997).

In a discussion during lunch at Cato today, one person said that other CEO's had told him, it is psychologically very difficult for most business top executives to accept the demands of public service, and to give up a world where they have absolute control -- until shareholders fire them.

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