Saturday, January 21, 2017

Women's March floods Metro, making it impossible for even more people to get there

I did not get in to the Women’s March today, as the Ballston Metro subway was totally packed at 10 AM.   I went to the AGLA Brunch at Freddie’s and later today did the Community Assistance (men’s clothing room) at Mt. Olivet Methodist in Arlington.

Some media outlets estimate the crowd at about 600,000 when 250,000 was planned for.

Some of my Facebook friends (men) got there and got live pictures (example ).

Demonstrations occurred in many cities, including Los Angeles (huge), London and Paris.

Here’s a typical coverage of the event on CNN.

As above, ABC News put the full six hours on YouTube.

As of around 6 PM, Metro train stations in downtown DC were reported as very crowded.

Update: Jan. 22

I finally got downtown, by car.

It looks like everything is back to normal in the area with the demonstrations, with everything cleaned up.

I did see some more protest signs from 14th St driving past the Mall.

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