Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Could the GOP "intervene" and get Trump to resign, letting the true conservatives "take power"?

The Hoover Institution has a stirring article today by Richard A. Epstein, “Time for Trump to Resign?”  The author describes himself as a “classical liberal who did not vote for either candidate.”

You get the impression that the GOP could have pulled this entire thing as a coup, with the idea of doing an “intervention” to get Trump to resign so that the arch-conservative Mike Pence could take over.

Even the Comey letter on Oct. 27, you wonder how those emails really would wind up on another personal laptop (Weiner's wife) even if she had worked for Clinton/

Epstein gives all kinds of arguments that are more in line with typical liberal Republicanism, with a touch of libertarianism, and a little bit of Bill Clinton Republicrat.  Epstein wants free trade back.

The article appeared linked on a website today broadcast by Richard Sincere (formerly Gays and Lesbians for Individual Liberty).  But Pence, remember, back in 2000 had advocated conversion therapy for gay men as a “rational” way to control HIV.  Pence today says people should be left alone.

CNN is calling Trump's pre-inauguration behavior with regard to Russia unprecedented today, story.

And this is getting worse.  The New York Times this morning published "From Russia With Love" (1962) without Sean Connery's chest, link.  And there is no James Bond or Superman to save us all.  Michael Moore is demanding immediate impeachment of Donald Trump on Facebook but that is no surprise.  We'd get Pence.

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