Monday, May 08, 2017

Outbreak of measles in Somali immigrants in Minnesota attributed to vaccine denial

Julia Belluz reports on Vox about the measles epidemic among (legal) Somali immigrants in the Twin Cities in Minnesota, here.  The article “blames” the vaccine deniers and says Andrew Wakefield facilitated the epidemic.

And there is an anti-intellectual, anti-elite attitude where parents put their own kids first in the narrowest since, rejecting herd immunity.  “Prove to me that vaccines don’t cause autism”.

I remember the Somali community (women often in bright burqas and dresses in downtown Minneapolis) and the Hmong (Vietnamese) when I lived in Minneapolis 1997-2003.

Then look at this weeks Time Magazine article (May 15) on pandemics and the need to escalate vaccine research to prevent a catastrophe some day with avian influenza. The article is by Bryan Walsh, "The world is not ready for the next pandemic".

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