Thursday, May 18, 2017

Trump does flirt with obstruction of justice, possible justification for impeachment, with Comey Memo

There is not original to add to the DOJ’s appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate RussiaGate, Putin’s possible connections to the Trump campaign.  And Trump, like a baby, now is crying witchhunt. You can look at “When the World Is Led by a Child” by David Brooks. (Trump's hair in the picture makes him look like a doll.)  It seems as though we don't have a president.  You wonder what it would be like to have a journalist (Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo) as president, someone not used to asking for money from voters (although Cuomo comes from a political family -- maybe the best of both worlds).

Peter Stevenson has a perspective that is as reasonable as any on whether Trump will be impeached/    It’s not that easy.

But off hand, it certainly sounds as though the “Comey Memo” could be very damaging to the president, if the president indeed improperly encouraged Comey to back off investigating Flynn (“he’s a good guy”).  Jeffrey Toobin agrees, but Alan Dershowitz would not.

The president’s sharing of the intelligence that led to the partial electronics ban on incoming flights with Russia could actually be appropriate.  The media is focused on the idea that the intelligence came from Israel and the president has compromised the future willingness to share information that could get passed on to an adversary. True, but some of the information could be quite limited and specific.  Russia has real problems with terrorists of its own (Chechnya).  The threats to flights to Moscow would be similar.  And Russia has been hit much harder than the US by some other acts, like the recent cyberwar incident with ransomware.

Update: May 19

McKay Coppins asks on The Atlantic, "How will the Trump presidency end?"  Trump is not yet in a King and Pawn ending, but he won't know how to keep "The Opposition". 

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