Sunday, October 14, 2018

In NYC, extremists fight while NYPD watches; in Portland OR, Antifa shuts downtown and harasses drivers while police do nothing after a police shooting and while a "prayer group" meets

We see increasing combativeness in some cities by both the extreme Left and some of the alt-Right, and police departments look the other way.
In NYC, the “Proud boys” beat up the far-Left (Antifa?) activists who vandalized a GOP facility, BuzzFeed story 
And Portland Or radical Left protestors closed down traffic without a permit after shooting, and harassed a 74-year old man who tried to drive past him.  The Portland mayor supported the police after the fact, with no real explanation, as in a Washington Times story.  There seems to have been more than one incident.  A right wing “prayer group” seems to have triggered one of them.  Around Sept. 30 the shooting of Patrick Kimmons triggered other demonstrations (Oregon Live, OPB). 

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