Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Megyn Kelly issue went deeper than I first thought; Trump's response to threats today seen as perfunctory and insincere

There was some flak today about Megyn Kelly’s apology.

I had never heard about the “blackface” meme as it was used in the 19th Century, so at first I was surprised by it.  On Twitter I saw this tweet by Tim Pool on the idea that was about “feelings” and gave a superficial answer.

But later I learned about the 19th Century issue.  Vox explains it in a piece by P.R. Lockhart, referring to the Today Show in NBC. 

On CNN, Chris Cuomo said that everyone should haveknown this for the past fifty years (including me). 

Today was a very difficult day because of the terror threats (which recall 2001). CNN is very dissatisfied with Trump’s shallow statements tonight. I don’t want to be too explicit, but Don Lemon discussed his own personal security concerns now (tonight on CNN), which are unprecedented and result from Donald Trump’s implied disrespect for the rule of law and belief that tribalism (“loyalty”, “nationalism”) is a higher calling.
But I know even from my own history how easy it is to attract the wrath of others if they think I am not in my right place (as to publicity) and if they simultaneously feel personally “left behind” by privilege (of people “like me”), who may outflank or lowball them.  Being in a minority is often very much a matter of relativity and perspective.  I haven’t been in Trump’s specific crosshairs like many others. But there is plenty of irony in my own life to go around.

Update: Oct 25

Tim Pool has a video on her apparent ouster at NBC. 

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