Thursday, November 28, 2019

US life-expectancy in middle age is declining, with opioids, low wages, diet all contributing

The USA Today Gannett papers Wednesday had a story by Jorge L. Ortiz noting that US workers 25-64 are dying more often have reduced national life expectancy falling behind other advanced nations. 

Poorer worker conditions, contingent gig work, and a lack of paid leave are cited as reasons.  Paid family leave is a standard in most advanced nations but is perceived as disadvantageous for single people or the childless here.  (Eldercare is changing that.)

But alcohol, drugs, and opioid overdose (which can be triggered by work problems) are a big factor. A love for fast or prepared foods is a problem.
Yet at the same time, some people are living a long time in extreme disability because technology can keep some people alive longer.

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