Sunday, November 17, 2019

Washington Post has a "definitive summary" of how the impeachment hearings got jump-started

Greg Miller, Greg Jaffe and Paul Sonne have a booklet-length account in the Washington Post of how the “CIA analyst” jump-started the impeachment inquiry that now is going on in hearings. 

It goes on and on.  I was reading it on my phone last night at the Kennedy Center before “Otello” started, an opera which seems politically relevant now.

As far as the “whistleblower” – there seems to be a second one on the first one, and a couple of followup overheard phone calls.

OK, the president is willing to put his own interests ahead of the country. What seems a little unclear is how significant Biden’s activities previously were.  

I have to add that there is a real problem, if major social media platforms want to prevent “independent” content creators from repeating what has been public information (ever since Donald Jr.’s tweet) for several days.  Does the “amplification” by “gratuitous content” actually lead to a threat to life, and who is morally responsible if so?   The dilemma could threaten all “citizen journalism” as jeopardizing somebody.  
Is it illegal to rereport what has already been disclosed as public information, and which seems credible according to the circumstances? Is it wrong?  (Is it the old “middle school kids” problem of “spreading rumors”?)

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