Saturday, December 14, 2019

Could Trump declare martial law in a temper tantrum? David Pakman discusses a caller's disturbing question

Today, a caller asked the David Pakman show, how likely is it that Donald Trump will declare martial law in an attempt to weasel out of impeachment or (now more likely) holding the 2020 election or “losing it” (in quote because it is a Pewdiepie-like meme of my own, in music).  InfoWars has been talking about this idea. 

David answers, highly unlikely (my father used that phrase, another meme). Or extremely unlikely. Because of posse comitatus, Congress would have to become complicit. 

Pakman said he thought martial law had been declared during WWII to imprison the Japanese Nisei immigrants, but the only case shown in the New York Times was in 1861 by president Lincoln in Kentucky.
But Cornell Law school discusses martial law in Hawaii after Pearl Harbor and discusses “Articles of War” with respect to Nazi saboteurs (like the Hitchcock film), 9/11, and domestic disorder. 
Presidents have declared numerous states of emergency (gratuitously), and it is possible to shut down the Internet or many of its capabilities (social media) in an emergency (Books, Jan 5, 2019).

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