Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Major shooting in Jersey City with unclear motive; Trump's impeachment

On a day when two articles of impeachment were announced against Donald Trump, the nation was distracted by a prolonged incident in Jersey City NJ involving snipers that had people trapped in a kosher market.  But it apparently started in a cemetery. 

It’s unclear if the market was targeted (and this resembles Pittsburgh or a 2015 incident in France), and what the motives of the deceased suspects were.
Trump also announced he would sign an XO declaring Judaism a “nationality” in order to apply certain civil rights laws, but the designation is inappropriate. A nation really does have borders.  Trump actually contradicts himself.


More recent evidence suggests that the shooters were associated with the Black Israelites, who taunted the Covington kids -- a bizarre extremist group, but terrorists, yes, if so. 

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