Friday, December 06, 2019

MoveOn and other activists want to "conscript" everyone into massive demonstrations right before House impeachment vote

Apparently, activists believe that mass protests on the day of the impeachment vote in the House would pressure the Senate to convict Donald Trump.

I got an email from MoveOn with Nancy Pelosi appearing to speak for them, part of it reproduced below.

Tactically, you wound wonder if this would be more appropriate during the Senate trial if that’s what you want.

David Pakman (TV blog) had called also for “strategic financial defaults” in a bizarre video where he said he was worried about his audience (being na├»ve over the Medicare for All issue).

Yesterday, there were violent protests in France over Macron’s proposed pension changes (similar to Yellow Vest protests filmed by Ford Fischer and News2Share last February). Is that what “Pelosi” wants?  These newer protests were from the Left, however.

There is also the risk of a sudden provocation (to say the least) from North Korea right in the middle of the impeachment process.

I don’t personally march in demonstrations or help organize them, ever, now.  I’ll cover that more soon.

I do think that the House needs to consider the Mueller probe and hear from John Bolton first. This is very critical.

Here is part of the text  (I don't like to be addressed personally when I don't belong to the group): 
“That's why, John, we're organizing a massive wave of protests all across the country, in collaboration with dozens of partner organizations, to take place the night before the House vote on impeachment. These protests need to be very big and very loud and get attention everywhere—on TV, on social media, and in the local press around the country that members of Congress pay closest attention to.

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