Thursday, December 05, 2019

Portland OR school system struggles with extreme classroom discipline problems, even in elementary school; social media and left-wing politics to blame?

Station KDW8 in Portland hosts a work session and debate among teachers in Portland, OR regarding the unusual problems teachers are having with disciplining students, especially in elementary schools.
This session was recorded about six months ago. 
The teachers are saying they are badly underfunded and understaffed.  But there is a question as to whether the political and social trauma in Portland (with Antifa) in recent months is contributing to the atmosphere.
Teachers do refer to extreme poverty and poorly prepared parents.  They say they have to intervene on “what their deficit was with their behavior.”
But social media and the rapid fire of information on smartphones on children too young to have them is an issue. 
I worked as a substitute teacher in northern Virginia  2004-2007.  Particularly in the middle school assignments I got cited for “poor classroom management” and discipline problems, some of which I did not even see happen.
On the other hand, news reports in the area report on abuse of students by some teachers, for example (WJLA7 story in suburban Maryland).  
Wikipedia attribution link for picture of a Portland stadium, CCSA 3.0. 


NBC10 in Philadelphia reports a similar problem in Philly, with teachers quitting, Nov. 19. This was about older students and "teaching to a test".   There is a big issue with teachers spending their own money. 

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