Wednesday, October 04, 2006

NLRB rules for nurses, making some supervisors, can have ramifications

Dale Russakoff has a story, "Some Workers Change Collars: NRLB rules that nurses are supervisors, a potential blow to unions," in the Oct. 4, 2006 Washington Post at this

(may require a subscription.) The National Labor Relations Board apparently ruled that certain charge nurses, who assign work of other nurses, and supervisors and barred from joining unions. The article reflects a concern that nurses who rotate into charge duty temporarily could be barred from union membership, and that similar rulings could be made in other occupations.

I have a separate concern besides union eligibility. As we watch the controversy unfold over social networking sites and personal blogs, emloyers are likely, with good reason sometimes, to develop policies preventing people with direct reports in the workplace ("supervisors") from having their own separate presence online. I have even promoted that idea. So the story bears watching.

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