Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Media reports, new book on slavery in modern America

ABC World News Tonight had a report by Pierre Thomas, “Slavery in Modern America: Slavery in the U.S.: A Survivor’s Story : Slavery in America, 2007.” .” (Go to http://abcnews.go.com and key in “slavery” into the search box.) There were two case histories, including one Filipino girl enslaved for 19 years in California, another girl from Egypt, and another girl from Cameroon enslaved in Silver Spring MD for years. Apparently they are brought into the country illegally and held in captivity by “masters.”

Frank Eltman of the Associated Press wrote a story (from SoutotBoston.com) "Wealthy N.Y. Couple Charged with Slavery," about a couple who operated a home-based perfume business and keeping Indonesian women as slaves. The women had apparently entered the country legally but the Long Island couple stole their paperwork. The story is here.

On March 15, ABC had a story about Zach Hunter and his “loose change to loosen chains” campaign to fight slavery. Zach has written a book Be the Change: Your Guide to Freeing the Slaves and Changing the World. The March story is at this link: I have a review of the book on blogger here.

In 1997, Steven Spielberg directed the film Amistad about the African slave trade, written by David Franzoni; it would become a book by Alexs Pate, who would be invited to speak at ReliaStar in Minneapolis, where I worked, in 1999. Hunter's book discusses the 2007 independent film Amazing Grace.

Of course, we can get into the debate about illegal immigrants doing almost slave-like jobs (migrant workers, poultry shops) that Americans do not want or could not do.

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