Saturday, September 15, 2007

Lively protest, counter-protest about Iraq in Washington today

Today, a large gathering of protesters demonstrating against the War in Iraq gathered in Lafayette Park one block north of the White House, around 9 AM. It was due to march to the Capitol for a "die in" that might result in arrests. I saw a protest group from Georgetown University marching down Pennsylvania Avenue in the GWU area as I walked back to Farragut West Metro.

The crowd tended to be youthful and was orderly. The nude image of the president reminds me of the 1985 Christopher Street article about Ronald Reagan's role in the movie John Loves Mary. Bush's doctored image is not quite as ladylike or as embarrassing. "The emperor has no clothes."

There is to be a counter-protest, a Gathering of Eagles III, Support our Troops, in the western portion of the Mall at 9 AM. The protest map is on page B4 of today's (Saturday, Sept. 15, 2007) Washington Post.

As for the Parade Magazine article today "Is Anything Private Anymore" (Sean Flynn), yes, Metro can tell that I went to the protest pretty well and can tell a lot of other demographics about me from my Metro Smart Card. Of course, they can tell from these photos that I took. I don't worry about it.

A Washington Post story Sept. 16 by Michelle Boorstein, V. Dion Haynes and Allison Klein, "Dueling Demonstrations" indicates that 189 were arrested. Story.

I've never been arrested at a demonstration, but I came close in July 1971 when photographing on a strip mine near Mt. Storm, W. Va.

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