Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Finding CFL's; wartime economics

Filmmakers depicting global warming are constantly telling us how much we can do with little things, like buying only compact fluorescent lightbulbs. For a long time, many drug stores around here didn't carry them. This morning, I found just a small selection at CVS next to a larger display of conventional lightbulbs.

Of course, the biggest contributor to greenhouse gases right now could be countries trying to "catch up" to our standard of living, especially China. So it is a tremendous political problem, as the first segment of Anderson Cooper's "Planet in Peril" brought out last night.

On another item, USA Today (Oct. 24, 2007) has a story by Ken Dilanian, "War costs may total $2.4 trillion," or $8000 per individual by the end of the decade. Imagine deducting that from every person's net worth (often negative already) and making everyone pay that individually. No, we wouldn't do that. Soak the rich. Here is the link.

And, they say, the War is about Big Oil. Fossil fuels and greenhouse gases.

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