Sunday, January 20, 2008

States interested in privatizing lotteries

David Gram of the Associated Press, in a story on AOL and USA Today, are reporting that many states are considering privatizing lotteries. The USA Today story is here, and it appeared on Sunday morning. Vermont is one of the states. The lotteries would be "leased" to private investors on Wall Street.

An AOL polled showed that the public disagrees with privatizing them, and that a majority of people have played a lottery at least once. Lottery ticket purchases tend to take a lot of time in convenience stores.

People on the far political left have often argued that a lottery is the most regressive "tax" of all (beyond the sales tax and FICA [and Medicare] "tax" as implemented) because the poor or moderate income people are much more likely to play them. I recall this from Dr. Spock 's "People's Party of New Jersey" back in 1972. I never play them.

Libertarians would probably support the proposal.

Picture: Charles Town race track in Charles Town, W Va.

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