Saturday, November 15, 2008

Proposition 8 demos and G20 talks side-by-side in DC today

With the thunderstorms and tornado watches in the area and other gumshoe invstigations (all while watching the storms on the Weather Channel, I didn’t leave on time for the Proposition 8 demonstrations that formed at the Capitol early Saturday afternoon. What I did get to see was how much of downtown Washington was blocked off for the G20 meetings. From 15th Street on East, traffic was blocked and it looked like pedestrians were discouraged. But there were plenty of people circling the White House, even from the ellipse, and people were allowed to walk through the “inner circle” shortcut. The Nation’s Christmas Tree is set up, but with no lights yet.

The G20 made a conceptual agreement “in principle” to have consistent Soros-like regulatory policy. This does not sound like it amounts to Bretton Woods II by any means yet. But what we face is a politics and economics of scarcity, sustainability and perhaps decentralization in the future. “Yes we can.”

But the most startling sight was at the McPherson Square Metro stop when I went back, right in front of a sign that said “White House.” I don’t know if he was alive. I told the Metro attendant. We see the divide between the rich and poor within 1000 feet of the White House. I wonder if that will change.

I also notice that we have a “St. John’s Church” near the White House. A church by the same name in Richmond was the site of Patrick Henry’s famous 1775 speech, and it is well to ponder what it means.

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