Friday, November 14, 2008

Starbucks Coffee gives out "Good" newsletter: this week, about National Service

Although perhaps Starbucks Coffee is sharing the economic pains of the rest of the economy, it offers a nice little free newspaper at the purchase counter called “The Good Sheet”. The issue for Nov. 13-19 2008 (No. 010) looks like a nice red geometric square with crossed shovels called “National Service”. At the bottom of the sheet is an echo of President Kennedy’s 1961 inaugural question, “What can you do for your country?” The web references is here.

Page two of the paper has some important statistics. It says that in 2007 26% of the adult population volunteered, and 3.7 million Americans traveled more than 120 miles from home to volunteer. Some of that activity probably occurred in the Gulf states hit by Katrina and other storms.

Page three of the paper has a five column table on “volunteer” (some of them careers and paid) opportunities, from the strictest to the most inclusive. They are the military, the Peace Corps, the Foreign Service, Americorps, and Senior Corps. Only the first two of these are named as requiring a physical. On the "Good" website, you have to slide the bottom border cursor over to see the entire page.

Late today ABC reported that Barack Obama would invite election opponent John McCain to work with him on national service as well as climate change.

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