Monday, April 13, 2009

Are prospective single mothers giving up on adoption?

Easter Sunday, April 12, 2009, the Washington Times Sunday Read, p. 4, offered the first of a two-part series by Cheryl Wetzstein, “Last days of adoption?: Choice for moms-to-be dwindling in America” link here.(The second part of the series will discuss embryo adoption.)

She says that the scenario of the popular movie “Juno” where a teen offers her baby for adoption (by a boy who everybody thought “didn’t have it in him”) to a well-to-do couple, doesn’t happen much in real life any more.

While abortion continues and single motherhood becomes socially acceptable (she maintains), it’s putting a baby up for adoption that has become, oddly, unacceptable.

Wetzstein maintains that there are many of websites that rail against infant adoption (including overseas, as in China), sometimes calling it a “barbaric practice”. Here is one example on blogger (link). Another one (referred to in a comment in the abovementioned blog) is “Twice Lost”.

Wetzstein then goes on to describe the difficult but ultimately right experience of a female college student who had to drop out of school for pregnancy and then gave the baby up for adoption.

The preventing pregnancy on the one hand, and need to maintain healthful reproduction and (the real point) real investment by adults in the next generation (so often pointed out by Phillip Longman and others) seems like two sides of a complex moral debate.

The same issue of the Sunday Read, on p 19, offers a curious short article “High self-esteem for kids a sham” by John Rosemond (who previously wrote in defense of "because I said so"), in his "Living with Children" column. Rosemond mentions the Amish, who describe a sin of “being prideful”. There was a whole industry of “feeling good about yourself” with hotel seminars and self-help tapes (often sold in multi-level marketing) back in the 1980s (during our “morning in America”). Rosemond seems to discount this style of thinking for grownups, too.

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