Monday, April 27, 2009

MD insurance law could lead to reparations for slavery; global warming demo in DC today a "bust"

Gregory Kane has a column in the Washington Examiner today (April 27), p 18, “How did Md. Legislators manage to sneak this law through?” In 2009, writes Kane, life insurance companies writing in Maryland must disclose any business they (or their corporate predecessors) wrote for slaveowners before 1865. The law had come from Maryland Senate bill 751. Companies must comply by Oct. 1, 2011, and the state insurance commissioner must issue a report by April 1, 2012.

Kane, whose picture shows him to be African American, predicts that the next logical step would be to force the companies to pay reparations to continue doing business in Maryland. Kane seemed to feel that in practice, most people have “moved on” from expecting this kind of ancestral justice. The article has not yet shown up online as far as I can tell.

On March 10, 2007 Kelsey Volkmann had written an Examiner column about a proposal requiring Maryland to apologize for slavery, as a call for reparations, with that link here.

Today, I did get to the global warming “demo” near the State Department near George Washington University on 23rd St. The demonstrator had already been removed from the crane, so I didn’t see the “Too Big to Fail” sign. But here’s a blog with that concept.

Last picture: Another bystander had gotten a cell phone picture of the banner; it didn't quite come out here.

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