Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Washington Post, ABC have big environmental stories today: many "green jobs" would be construction work, manual labor!

Today, Wednesday April 15, the Washington Post ran a special advertising supplement, section H, called “Environmental Leadership”, which I could not find online. There is a website Environmental Leadership Program, that does not seem to match this insert.

The Insert has some provocative articles, such as Gen. Charles F. Wald, USAF (Ret), and Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn (Ret) “Climate Change Threatens National Security”. On p H2 there is an article by Ronald Bogle, President & CEO, American Architectural Foundation, “Planning for Sustainable Communities”. The focus in the article is much more about engineering for sustainability, by cutting down on fossil fuel use and capturing carbon, than by reorganizing society socially (as in the “End of Suburbia” movies).

Today Good Morning America interviewed the filmmakers of “The Greening of Southie” The ABC News link is titled “The Greening of the Work Force: New Movie Documents Construction of Boston's First Eco-Friendly Building”, by Roger Fortuna and Imaeyan Ibanga, link here. The story mentioned President Obama’s pledge to spend $150 billion in green jobs. The skills shown in the brief expert from the film tend to be that of skilled trade labor, particularly construction. Of course, it is these jobs that have been lost during the housing and real estate collapse.

The DVD can be ordered directly, but was not yet available on Amazon. I ordered it, I’ll check further when I get it, as to screenings and availability

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