Monday, December 21, 2009

ABC GMA raises issue of "dissolving" adoptions

Good Morning America, on Dec. 21, ran a story about an little discussed topic: dissolving adoptions. The specific story is about an Oklahoma couple that adopted a troubled child that they now are afraid to allow to return to their home after the boy is released from psychiatric care. The news story, “Oklahoma Couple Wants to Return Troubled Adopted Son to State”, is by Ryan Owens and Suzan Clarke, with link here.

There is an expensive process called “dissolution” which is rarely used in Oklahoma. The couple wants the law changed to make the process simpler when the child came from the state.

However, child advocates insist that the bond with an adoptive parent should be as legally and morally compelling as with a biological parent. On the other hand, a situation like this might make future adoptive parents less willing to take on the responsibility of adopting troubled children, sometimes born to alcohol or drug abusing mothers. It might also make adoption placement less effective as a “right to life” strategy.

Some time in 2008, Nebraska overturned a law that allowed any parents, even from out of state, to dump their kids, even biological, with amnesty.

On Dec. 22, GMA followed up and discussed "reactive attachment disorder", common in children abuse before adoption, at one time discussed on Dr. Phil.

Apparently 20/20 will cover this soon.

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