Wednesday, December 30, 2009

H1N1 now available at retail outlets in northern VA; website offers map and participating businesses

Virginia has been a little slow with H1N1 vaccine availability, but I got my shot today at a Safeway in Arlington. I called yesterday and made the appointment for today.

If you are on Medicare, you should take your Medicare card. Medicare pays the admin fee ($15). The nurse did not ask for the supplementary insurance card. And for most people the social security number alone is not the full Medicare number. I was offered only the injection, not the nasal spray; and it was a little more painful than usual.

A general practitioner in Arlington said that he had a supply for a while in mid December but ran out quickly.

The website with information on what businesses (largely pharmacies, grocery stores with pharmacies, and Targets) have both H1N1 and seasonal flu vaccine in the DC area can be navigated from this website (link). I believe that the site knows what states to show you from the IP address that you log on from, if you have broadband or wireless.

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