Thursday, December 10, 2009

Obama's remarks on the Nobel Prize; On to Copenhagen

Here is the link to the president’s speech accepting the Nobel Peace Prize in Stockholm (URL address here).

While this does not have the mystery of the hit movie “The Prize”, the president arguably is making the only stable move toward peace by facing a real enemy in Afghanistan (we could add many portions of Pakistan, and the concern over the security of Pakistan’s small nuclear weapons to the list of concerns). The president insisted that absolute evil, whether in Europe in the 1930s or in some areas of the Muslim world today, must be met with force, sometimes.

Of course, we can say that the former administration faced absolute evil with the Iraqi dictator.

The president moves on to Copenhagen, where he will have to look at the real science, and not the hit-and-run naysayers. It is true, however, as Ben Stein points out, there have been warmer periods in the past, and concerns about cooling as recently as 1978.

Wikipedia attribution link for Stockholm Concert Hall. My only visit to the city was in August 1972.

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