Saturday, January 23, 2010

DC School Chancellor makes shocking statements about laid-off teachers

Here’s the latest Fast Company story (link) about Michelle Rhee, Chancellor of the District of Columbia school system, called “Update: Michelle Rhee vs. D.C. Teachers’ Union”, Feb. 1, 2010, link here. The story is brief and her comment as to supposed teacher conduct very explicit, accusing them of acts that would have been prosecuted as crimes (of the Dateline kind) and, upon conviction, put the former teachers on s.o. registries. So a public statement like this from the Chancellor is indeed shocking.

The Washington DC area media have really jumped on this story. Former laid off teachers are saying that they have been made into laughing stocks around the country, and that the DC school system will now really have a problem with its “reputation defense.”

One fired teacher said that every year almost every teacher is accused of something and has to prove himself or herself innocent, usually because the parent is mad at the student about a bad grade.

NBC Washington's video of the story (by Tom Sherwood)

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Update: Jan 26

The Washington Post has an editorial here, "Michelle Rhee must open up about references to unfit teachers".

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